Alexandria Wagner

Designer and Developer

About Me

Alexandria Wagner - Bio Pic

I'm an all-around-geek who loves sci-fi, hockey, tabletop gaming, and making pretty things. I’m passionate about helping others solve complex technology problems so they may work more effectively; utilizing technology to improve work; and creating better balance for whole-life fulfillment.

I have served in the technology and communications markets, successfully performing in all types of media including newspapers, magazines, television and the web, as well as technical support positions. My skills include systems analysis, design and integration, project management, web authoring and management, training, and technical writing. I have experience with multiple operating systems, hardware and software support and systems integration and development.

I currently direct an Agile web team responsible for building an Adobe Experience Manager-based site for a financial company. 

My side-hustle is making art, decals,jewelry, and accessories that I sell online and at conventions and shows.